Yung J.R - General (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Yung J.R. performing "General", song produced by Bassick Records. Video directed by Adoney Reid / Simon 'Sno' Thompson.

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Yung J.R - General (Lyrics Snippet)

Who seh dem a di big man, Who seh dem a di don
Likkle youth him a call himself di general
Sixteen lock off scheme and a issue out machine
Now the wul' town a call him general

You mr. general Mi seh nuh man nuh ruff nuh tuff
Nuh man nuh badda than nuh man
You mr. general
Seh yuh nuh tired fi go inna gun court (x2)

Juvenile from him likke and talawa, nah tek nuh talk
From the day him cousin a foreign go mek a phone call
Tell him seh him have extra guns and clips and coming down a wharf
Nuh bother worry bout di traffic thing, cah police done payed off

Him seh guns dem load, dawgs dem ready fi di road
Sixteen nothing much he really knows
Him start fi keep dance and stage shows
Selling drugs by the house
While informer peeping through the window

Well I see you kill yuh brother while yuh taxing the poor
Yuh wish yuh want yuh guns, now look how much skull a bore
And stop listening fi police knocking on your door
Finger print traces, blood stain on the floor