Yellow Man Ft. Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks, Sizzla & More - Champion (Official Music Video)

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Check out the music video for "Champion" performed by Yellow Man featuring Burru Banton, Ninja Man, Tiger, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Sizzla, Shabba Ranks, Lady G, Sharrie, Buju Banton, Jigsy King, Josie Wales, Little Twitch, General Threes and Peter Metro. Song produced by Voiceful Records. Video directed by Fareye Films and edited by Thal Earthlighte.

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Yellow Man & Friends - Champion (Lyrics Snippet)

Champion mi a real champion
Champion we a real champion
Champion man a real champion
Champion mi a real champion

(Verse 1)
Di world know mi as King Yellow Man
Di girls love off mi complexion
Bum-wah-dis wah-dat A Burru Banton
Hey, hey, that a my slogan
Rip it up, ready fi di Don Gorgon
Said a di kings of kings that a di real Yellow Man
Yow, Tiger so good a God send up pon land
Cah weh mi do fi stay yah dem bam, bam, bam

(Verse 2)
Among di greatest of all time we belong
Reggae Pioneer, dancehall veteran
Bounty Killer, Godzilla, five star general
A defend di people from Nineteen O'long

Well we have di world a tun it up and that a real champion
Some seh Shango, some seh prophet, champion Capleton
Mi seh everybody know mi a di real fireman
Music is a mission not a competition