Wayne Wonder Ft. Konshens - Girl Like You

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New single from Wayne Wonder and Konshens titled "Girl Like You", Produced by Ricky Blaze for FME Recordings / Dj Norie for DJN Music Group. Is this the new go-getter girls anthem? Give it a listen and tell us what you think.

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Wayne Wonder Ft. Konshens - Girl Like You (Lyrics)

Girl I never met nobody quite like you
You got all the qualities that's why I like you
We mash up the place every time that we pass through
Just like Bonnie & Clyde
Anything goes when we ride

(Verse 1)
Gyal,you a the best gyal I ever put mi eyes on
You a the best gyal mi ever get a touch from
You a the best gyal mi ever put a f*k pon
A you fi be mi wife, gyal mi haffi be your husband

Independent gyal yuh mek mi [email protected] jump up
Pocket ever fat yuh pocket mussi pump up
You nuh matter when a dutty gyal a front up
Caw you know yuh money every clump up & lump up

Anything yuh want you can buy that
Vacation fi yourself and your friends dem, why not
Yuh soul clean, body clean, gyal yuh quite hot
Show mi the knot nuh mek mi tie that
Same time..

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Anything a anything, we nuh tek no diss a road
One inna the head but yuh have the extra clip a load
Gyal yuh have your bae back and yuh have your bae front
And yuh know fi hold it when mi go weh fi some long month
Gyal yuh naw go give weh the thing
Caw yuh nuh frighten fi anything
Girl the way you can f*k to
That's why mi haffi love you baby

Real go-getter lets go get this food yah
Pon the I-85 inna the Cruiser
We ain't got no time fi no loser
Mi naw leave the rooga

(Repeat Chorus)

Go-getter girl, in my world
Go-getter girl, alright then
Go-getter girl, she's a go-getter girl
In my world