Warup - Summer Is Here Again (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Warup performing "Summer Is Here Again", produced by M.GeeZ Productions. Video directed by Caution Films.

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Warup - Summer Is Here Again (Lyrics)

We a the life of the party
Summer time come mek we start it
Pon the road weh we gone
Stop a couple ups pick up a dozen pretty barbie
Boboclaat seh we [email protected]
Watch the gyal dem a bubble up pon we
One fi M.Geez, zulu bird and the whole outlaw family

Summer is here again
One more year again
One more girl, one more spliff
And one more beer again
Bad man in the place again
Money haffi make again
The gyal dem sexy, short up shorts
Just a f*k up the place again

(Verse 1)
A summer time and we ever clean
Money strap up inna leather jeans
And touch the road speedometer bun up
Gyal a whine, champagne bubble up
Maxi light mek yuh skin tone tunning up
Party nice and the gyal dem full it up
ATI, dream weekend bun it up
Far out pon the beach....

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
If a nuh water party then a beach mi a reach
Mi snap back cap with mi fitted white tees
Mi rub on mi cream cause a bleach mi a bleach
The girls dem come out like a dog from a leash
Warup a nuh preach mi a preach
Teach mi a teach
Mi love how the summer yah hot nuh bloodcleet
Money haffi spend like how we plant...

(Repeat Chorus)