Vybz Kartel - Special Delivery - Head Concussion Records

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Vybz Kartel give fans a treat with his new single "Special Delivery" produced by Rvssian for Head Concussion Records.

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Vybz Kartel - Special Delivery (Lyrics)

Bleach out like Michael Jackson
Rvssian a mussi Quincy
Full a bare top models like Kingsley
Give her some way mek the king see
Yes baby body nuh flimsy

(Verse 1)
Gyal a you name come back fi more
Baby a weh yuh deh mi park a yuh front door
Pack a bag we going on tour
Caw da good body yah mi naw lef a Portmore
Stop use boots so hear wah
Go a pharmacy and buy postinor
Don't worry baby mi clean like a score
And mi don't haffi go down a the seaside fi sure

Special delivery
A just good love you give mi
Hey boo, hey boo
Nobody cyah do it like you

(Verse 2)
Gyal a yuh name put on the ring
Baby a weh yuh deh mi waan tell you something
Pack a bag today we leaving
If a even fi tie her on pon a plane wing
Phone ring a Nicki calling
Baby mi busy but we chat a morning
So mi know seh you gone with mi heart string
And mi nuh even waan chat to mi darling
My girl you a who

(Repeat chorus)