Vybz Kartel Speaks - My Hands Are Clean Of Lizard's Blood

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Vybz Kartel speaks for the first time in court since the start of his murder trial in November 2013.

This is what Vybz Kartel told the court:

I am a normal person like anyone else. I am innocent of all these charges brought against me as a matter of fact I have never been to 7 Swallowfield Avenue and seen Lizard there – the man called Clive Williams.

In fact my Lord, the only time I encountered that person called Clive Williams, is when he travelled with Shawn [co-accused Shawn Storm] to stage shows but we never encounter my Lord.

My Lord, the incident that occurred on September 30, 2011 (the date of his arrest) I was at a hotel in New Kingston when the police took me and a female companion.

My Lord they handcuffed us and took us downstairs in the lobby. Other police officers and members of the media were already there.

My Lord after that [I] was taken to Central Kingston Police Station.

After that the police escorted me to my house in St. Andrew, two houses as a matter of fact – one house at Swallow Avenue and then to my mother's house in Portmore, St. Catherine – where the house was searched.

I was then moved to Spanish Town Road.

Even most recently, the Minister of National Security Minister, the Honourable Peter Bunting took my music and my image to the State, my Lord claiming that Vybz Kartel's lyrics, My Lord, is generating scamming.

Even in Jamaica at one point, the Minister said there were four essential factors mashing up Jamaica and I was one of them.

My Lord, if that is not prejudicial against my case, I don't know what is.

My Lord, I bleach my skin, I am heavily tattooed also but that is merely superficial. That is a part of the persona of Vybz Kartel not Adidja Palmer.

I am a normal person like anyone else; I even have a family who are here today… grandmother, cousin, mother-in law. My Lord my hands are clean of Clive Williams' blood if indeed Clive Williams is deceased, My Lord.

I have never sent anyone to kill Clive Williams, My Lord, nor did I do so myself. I am an innocent man, My Lord, that is all I have to say.

Defense attorneys are already calling witnesses to the stand to give character testimony.
Over the coming days expert witnesses will also take the stand.