Vybz Kartel - One (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Vybz Kartel performing "One" produced by Good Good Productions.

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Vybz Kartel - One(Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Me and gyal correspond
So me aim fi the pu$$y and mi never miss one
gyal yuh make the d!ck stand
A dat whine deh yuh gimme mek mi build a hit song
Pon the gaza me nuh kiss man
So nuh tun down yah, better yuh tun a christian
Haffi get a lawyer me go a christian
Chris Gayle game mi a go Pakistan
But, some a dem cyah go the distance
If you cah take risk, better get a wrist band
Can't defend it then you should a never diss man
then yuh deh a station a seeking assistant
Jones Avenue to Lauriston
We a tek bwoy gyal yuh know we nuh respond
Chain dung a golf gyal a reminisce pon
Foreigner a fly dung him get the prettiest one

(Verse 2)
Mi and gyal to time end
Mi nuh name Stacy mi couldn't have a boyfriend
Lowe mi spliff nuh my friend
So yuho waan bun weed yuh cyah even buy blem
Dah gyal deh a the national anthem
Cause when mi see yuh mi stand that attention
Haffi go a Euro, get a schengen
Diss gaza yuh a go get a queng queng
But the youths a the future protect dem
So no touch Dora, no bother trouble Ben 10
Bay big woman like Granny Jen Jen
Yow whine baby yuh a mi pretty prem prem
Dela Vega go to Grands Pen
So easy we tek weh a [email protected] gyal friend
How we so bad mi nuh know from when
Don't try follow me cause any problem