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Vybz Kartel performs "In Love With You" off the 'Success & Strive Riddim' produced by Fresh Ear Productions.

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Vybz Kartel - In Love With You (Lyrics)

Dah one yah name do-re-mi
Gyal yuh pu$$y tight ee
And a you a get the ticky
Yow a wah do Nike
Hand inna the air yuh nuh sodomite-ee
Could a matey, a could a wifey

Baby mi in love wid da hole deh
Mi in need a da hole deh
Mi just a cry fi da hole deh
Gyal it sweet mi so till mi naw come out deh

(Verse 1)
When you bubble up yuh body what a big-bamba-yeah
Ball weh yuh bowl a nuh Sri-Lanka yeah
Good body gyal unuh mi-pamper-deh
This a bedroom war see mi big tanker deh
Mi a ride go Mobay gyal see Flanker deh
Position pon the bike back mi-hamper-deh
Maxfield gyal do the la-bamba-deh
Video man beg yuh turn on da camcorder deh

(Verse 2)
Baby, please fling it up pon mi
Mi loving your punanny
Dah style deh get mi horny
This a fi the gyal dem inna Trelawny
Mi waan you fi waan mi
Portland gyal naw left yuh lonely
When mi see the girl dem down a Ochie
Mi c*key stand that attention like a soldier