Vybz Kartel - Cya Test We - Phase One Riddim - Haad Rokk Muzik

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Incarcerated Vybz Kartel nuh play fist fight in new track titled "Cya Test We". Song is fresh off the 'Phase One Riddim' produced by Haad Rokk Muzik.

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Vybz Kartel - Cya Test We (Lyrics Snippet)

When my rifle beat, bwoy haffi drop dung
Shell dung him ends and cut lef dem
Nah wait till di cops come
Roll up a high grade weed, smoke and cool dung
Dem bwoy deh cya inna my class, cause school done

Mi nuh play fist fight
Like, Lennox Lewis or Mike
I, circle them ends pon bike
Red, like it's a damn stoplight
Bwoy inna my eye sight
Rifle, tun on tun on and strike
Bury them fast is a thing I like
Fire them fast is a thing I like

Dem cya test, dem nuh bad enough
War dem wah fi war mi tell dem hurry up
Dem cya test, dem a pu$$yhole
Anywhere mi go mi carry mi gun enuh

Mi nuh run bank a road, dawg mi nuh tek check
Member revenge and watch myself with a Hussey and a Kel-Tec
Bwoy from yuh diss Chris Rock, me yuh fi expect
All when yuh hide inna the station yard, we a mek step