Vershon - Party Till Mi Dead - Clear Air Production

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Vershon performs "Party Till Mi Dead" produced by Clear Air Production.

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Vershon - Party Till Mi Dead (Lyrics)

Happy time when we all link up
Party from night till a morning come
Mama seh mi party too much and mi cyah live so

Hey naa-na-naa-na (hey naa-na-naa-na)
Mi a party till mi dead
Gangsters go harder (go harder)
And we nuh care weh nobody say

(Verse 1)
Smoking the best of herbs
Liquor f*k mi up til all mi chest a burn
Remember one life yuh naw go live twice
So when party done mi gone sex a girl

Youth nuh mek nobody try stop yuh fun
Remember yuh no know when your time a go come
Right now mi nuh waan see the sign a no gun
A the gyal dem mi love
So come skin-out from yuh [email protected] no done

(Verse 2)
Lef mi yard from quarter pass nine
Party mi seh from quarter pass nine
Caw mi book fi it, mi naw look fi it
A no supm weh lost and cyah find

Mi want some rum cause a vodka last time
Cuban cigar cause a ganja last time
Gyal a run in seh she want a fast whine
And seh she nuh waan nuttn smaller than nine