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Vershon "Just Wanna Live", kick back and smoke some weed. Track produced by J Small Records, digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos distribution.

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Vershon - I Just Wanna Live (Lyrics Snippet)

I just wanna live
And do what the f*k I wanna
Kick back go pon the corner
Smoke some weed
To all my enemies
Who want fi stop mi just nuh bother
Haters go s*ck yuh mother
Let me live

(Verse 1)
Nuff waan, have knife, have gun
Me waan, have life, have fun
So mi nah, act like man dumb
Send on the, white Henny, white rum
Jay Wayne, bring some girls come
Bring one fi Birch and one fi Birch son
Mi know one day mi a go go dung inna the earth
So mi nah wait till life done

(Verse 2)
To all a wi friends weh pass off
Raise yuh glass, come mek we party fi dem
Dutty badmind sidung a talk
Raasclaat, right now we nuh waan fi see dem
Cause mi waan fi live, seventy plus seventy
Who want mi dead right now a muss enemy
Dem nuh like fi see when mi a buss Hennessy
Still mi nuh listen when dem a talk