Vershon - Heart Too Clean (Official Video)

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Music video by Vershon performing "Heart Too Clean" off the 'Happy Street Riddim' produced by One Army Entertainment. Video directed by APS Columbian Films.

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Vershon - Heart Too Clean (Lyrics)

Dutty heart badmind people nuh waan see man step out
You know how much things dem do me and mi still nuh have dem up

A clean mi heart too clean
Clean mi heart too clean
Everytime mi shut the door pon badmind people
Me still go let dem een

(Verse 1)
Ungrateful fool dem
Nuh matter weh nobody do fi dem
You know how much time dem hungry
How much food man cook give dem
When mi could a poison dem
And dem a try pretend like dem a me friend
And waan mi life fi end
Say dem a friend but dem nuh real like that
Dem sidung and a pray and waan fi see you walk inna a trap
So dem eat weh yuh have inna yuh pot
And when yuh turn round dem waan stab yuh inna yuh back
That's why mi read a Psalm a day and trust Jehovah
Although times hard mi know me must get over
Nuff a dem a wuk dem obeah
Fi put barriers inna mi way but mi must step over
Cause mi know father God a cover mi
Nuff a dem wouldn't waan fi see nutt'n good become a mi
Dem seh dem a mi friend mi tek mi money lend dem
And the same money mi give dem
Dem give the obeah man fi obeah mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem sidung and a pray fi see me fall like Dunn's River
Dem wouldn't mind fi see night come and mi can't find no dinner
A di things weh dem come inna mi house come see
A it the whole a dem grudge me for
That's why mi thank God mi different from dem
Dem come with plastic smile but mi done see the pretend pon dem
That's why mi nuh waan no friend from dem
Dem woulda love fi see mi bruk and a depend pon dem

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)