Vanessa Bling - My Man - Yellow Moon Records

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Vanessa Bling performs "My Man" off the 'Love & Money Riddim' produced by Yellow Moon Records.

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Vanessa Bling - My Man (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Nuh bother try tell him nuttn bout mi
Cause a me him love, and a him me love
Nuh try tell mi nuttn, nuttn bout him
Cause a him me love, and a me him love

Mi nuh matter weh the crowd waan seh
Mi nuh matter weh the crowd waan seh
If you follow people inna life
You and yuh man never mek it
You and yuh man never strive

Shorty keep on tripping you a my man
All when things seem slow you a my man
Always and forever you a my man
No gyal cyah mash up my plan

(Verse 2)
Gyal come out a mi face before mi cuss two claat
Before mi lose mi cool, yuh better mek a walk
Cause the world done know a me mi man waan
Dem chicken head yah fool nuh blouse-bath

Late night she calling mi and mi man warming
When mi get up yawning breakfast him cooking
Massaging mi body and bare pampering
She send miss you text and bay bawling