Unstoppable Fyah Ft. Turbulence - Lava Flex - Live MB Music

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Unstoppable Fyah performs "Lava Flex" featuring Turbulence and produced by Live MB Music.

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Unstoppable Fyah Ft. Turbulence - Lava Flex (Lyrics)

You've got the lava flex
Hotter than fire
Woman mi ask bout you inna mi prayer
So read mi text
Won't you come over let me give you all a that

(Verse 1)
She seh royal, always dress fi impress
Give her everything a mi best mi invest
Good loving with a lot of interest
Bare love message send within text

Caw, yuh know fi put a smile pon mi face
Mi a the lawyer weh go handle yuh case
Like a soldier mi go trample yuh base
Mi mek she come first but a me win the race

(Verse 2)
Woman mi seh yuh eyes tell the tale a we future
A true story bout half dozen youth yah
A few cars, house big like terranova
Authentic love like gold no wash over

Come mek we tek a cruise to the island
Pretty blue sea with nice white sand
Girl yuh body pretty glissen like a diamond
So tell mi the future weh inna your plan
See the key yah, so this a your van
Gwaan go tell yuh friend dem a me a your man
Oh lord what a body fit fi the furlong
Mek mi stand that attention like a German