Tydal - Street Life (Official Music Video)

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Tydal talks the struggle of the streets in music video for "Street Life" taken from the 'Journey of a Young Warrior EP'. Presented by Sweatboxx / Chronic Hill. Video directed by Inna We Genes films.

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Tydal - Street Life (Lyrics Snippet)

When mi a fight it mi say
And crying for help
Just me alone
A the street a mi home

Hey Tonight I'm on the grind, I'm in the streets
And I repeat this tomorrow
Hey wonder which day me a go done with street life
I got money on my mind and things to eat
Cause mi belly feel hollow
Me tek people things but mi know it nuh feel right

Tell my why, nobody ever tell mi say dem love mi
Or even take the time out to hug mi
I wish that was me in the park with my mom and my dad
Yow that sure looks so lovely
When everyday them tell me say mi ugly
Mi dirty nobody nah touch mi
Them cuss me
Hey what is to be must me