Twin Of Twins - A Wah A Gwaan - Fire Links Production

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The duo Twin Of Twins drops new single titled "A Wah A Gwaan" addressing some issues in dancehall and calling out some artists like Elephant Man, Alkaline, Fantan Mojah and more. This track is off the 'Man Str8 Riddim' produced by Fire Links Production.

Twin Of Twins - A Wah A Gwaan (Lyrics Snippet)

A wah a gwaan, a wah a gwaan
wah really a gwaan
A di worst Jamaica this I ever see from I born
Mi a go ask da weather man yah if we pass through a storm
Cah mi look inna mi atlas and Jamaica gone

A wah a gwaan, a wah a gwaan
Nobody nuh have no voice
Sidung and a tek it so nobody nuh have no choice
Nuff a dem mouth butter like the puss weh catch eh mice
If yuh love corruption well dah song yah nah go nice

Mek me bun the dancehall first
Every other week this thing a get worst
Mi see nuff young artists a try do everything fi burst
Rather mek a sex tape before dem try find a verse
Mi nah diss mi friend but God know mi hurt
Fi see Elephant inna sup'm like skirt
Alkaline inna blouse and a tell we seh a shirt
Dancehall a turn one big batty concert

Dem capture the adults now dem gone fi di nappy
Mi a go teach mi youth mi self and nobody cah stop eh
Mi haffi tek him out a school cah right now mi no happy
Cah dem start fi teach the youth dem how fi f#@k batty