Turbulence - Flying High - Nicko Rebel Music

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Turbulence connect with the ladies in his latest track titled "Flying High" produced by Nicko Rebel Music. This new single is available for purchase on iTunes and other digital platforms.

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Turbulence - Flying High (Lyrics Snippet)

Some say, that I don't deserve you cause you're too good for me
Some say, it well never last cause we weren't meant to be
Some say, we're totally the opposite but opposites attracts
Cause in your house is where my heart is, baby that's a fact
And i'm ready now to commit my heart to you
So don't you worry now, I will never make you sad or blue
If you're feeling down, just look to the sky
There our love will be flying so high

So baby stop your crying
Baby there's no denying
Our love keeps flying high