Torch - Rebel (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Torch performing "Rebel" off the 'Rising Riddim Selection' produced by Soul Rebel Sound & The Scrucialists. Track produced by Mr. Mento, video directed by Wayne Benjamin for Fabrikated Projex.

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Torch - Rebel (Lyrics Snippet)

Man a rebel rebel, rebel rebel yeah
Rebel rebel, rebel rebel yeah
Rebel rebel, rebel rebel
Yeah dem fi know
Man a rebel yow

(Verse 1)
You can tell by the way that mi dress
Bun who fi bun-up and bless who fi bless
Lyrical bomb got the pagan a fret
Man a rebel, coalition weh tag pon mi crest
No shackle, no chains fi the binghi net
Man a defend the poor to the death
And any inequity try test
Man haffi lay that to rest and nuh guest
But Torch a rebel and that's so definite

(Verse 2)
Babylon cyah conquer mi
Nor nuh dutty pagan cyah sponsor mi
No, vanity nuh mean not a thing to mi
So not a folly weh dem cyah come bring to mi
Cause when mi step inna the place
And mi bun dutty ways
And nuh business bout no screw face
And when mi go rebel inna the music
Dash the fire hard
Babylon mi seh this a yuh last days