Torch & Dizzy - Perfect Peace - ABRA Records / ZJ Heno

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Torch and Dizzy collabs on the search for "Perfect Peace". Single produced by ZJ Heno / Dizzy.

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Torch & Dizzy - Perfect Peace (Lyrics)

And that's why we a
Sing fi the better
Strive fi the better
Rise fi the better
Babylon whatever, yeah

I'm all around the world
I look and I look
Mi still cannot find it, no
I searched everywhere
I've looked in my heart
And I still cannot find it

All around the world
I looked and I looked
And I still cannot find it
I've looked in my heart
I searched everywhere
But I don't know where to find it

(Verse 1)
The rasta trod it over London seas
To see the people dem a dwell up inna perfect peace
As far as I can see, the people a say humility
Inna sodomy academy, hypocrisy and jockery
Many lost dem mind upon the streets of insanity
But still I got to lead dem out of bondage into victory
Got to find that place of livity and solidarity
Cause inna Babylon is not the place for me