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Tony Matterhorn takes on the entire dancehall roster with new single "Resident Duppy", produced by Khalfani Records. Everyone got a piece including Bounty Killer, Alkaline, Mr. Vegas, I-Octane and a slew of other artists.

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Tony Matterhorn - Resident Duppy (Lyrics)

Yow Khalfani
Send fi mi clan-ites army
Resident duppy
All unuh fans dem a go bloodclaat bawl

Let out mi duppy dem mi ready fi sing
Mi hear dem artists yah nuh ready fi sting
A only Gully Bop mi hear dem a bring
But if a nuh the Gully Gad then a bottle a fling
Vybz Kartel lock the business from jail
And all you entertainers mi watch you a fail
So tell your bloodclaat fans dem quiet
A gwai stir it up like the London riot

(Verse 1)
Bounty Killer say him bad and how him brave
Wah tek the grung lizard weh live inna the cave
Hype up pon Instagram, see him inna rage
When a him press like pon the transvestite page
Vybz Kartel have a brand new song
Him dissing up the whole a dem one by one
Him seh 'dem a seh dem a go run dancehall and badda than teacha'
A Didi the don

Mr. Vegas deh pon tour yuh know we happy fi him
What a way him owe money pon the obeah ring
Elephant buss the case yet (no dem obeah him)
Mi nuh know if a true go ask Chi Ching Ching
Beenie Man can fly, you ask him
All mi know seh Beenie a the dancehall king
Him nuh need no visa (red bull gives you wing)
Mi nuh hear from Konshens dem tek the shoes from him

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So Macka Diamond still a wear the dutty wig
Fantan still look like a pig
(Mama hungry) then how him so big
I-Octane a rasta (a island grill him live)

So the picture with you and those two guys
A two girls from Canada, Nuh two guys
Some a dem artists yah have bat eyes
So mek mi let out the duppy and mek dem fly

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Word is wind and blow is unkind
Nuffy deh a foreign hungry, Chin seh him badmind
Tek a look inna the good book mi never see Demarco
Mi a go check talk yuh mind
You see Fargo or even Khago, yow mi neven waan change the rhyme
Yow Poppy what's up this with this kick-out, far-out
Is like dem stop Alkaline

(Repeat Chorus)