Tommy Lee Sparta - We Got Food (Official Music Video)

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Spartan head Tommy Lee Sparta serves up music video for "We Got Food". Song produced by UIM Records, video content owned by Guzu Muziq. Please be advised that video contains explicit material (Play Video).

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Tommy Lee Sparta - We Got Food (Lyrics Snippet)

High grade a rackle up mi head like a dutchie cover
And none a dem never mek a coil burn fire
And dem fi know mi a one a the son a daddy devil
Mi throw money inna the sky like May Weather
Uptown tell dem don't ramp wid the thing
Face bite off like piece a chicken
Clarendon floss money mek the gal dema a grin
One thing mi haffi tell dem

We got food, we got food
Girl see mi money and acting rude
We got food, we go modes
As mi step inna the club every gal a strip nude

Every man pon the Sparta a baller
When mi leave my shadow gal follow
Inna the bar mi a place my order
Hennessy a go run like water