Tommy Lee Sparta Speaks On Police Allegations & Being Wrongfully Targeted By Authorities

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Video Transcript:
My name is Leroy Russell otherwise known to the general public as Tommy Lee. I've been living in Kingston with my family for approximately 4 years to this present date. I have decided to speak on this issue as I believe the public needs to know what's really happening. Due to my past relationship with some controversial artists and them having their issues I've been stereotyped and misrepresented with the view of me being a person of interest to the authorities. Popular entertainers throughout the world such as Platinum sell rappers from the US sing a lot of hardcore lyrics and have fans of gangs. However, they're not affiliated with the gangs and those gang members are just fans of the artist.

As a dancehall artist, I'm a public figure and how my music is portrayed I sadly have no physical control of my fans actions. However, as a law abiding citizen doing business across the island and all over the world my security detail has always been members of the security forces. I nor anybody who have traveled with me can never truly say that they have had any disruption of any sort took place at the shows that I've been book for and have attended. I have never been in contact with the authorities before I became an artist. Never have I been to jail until I was targeted by the police.

This is a fact; Sometime ago I was taken in by the authorities for questioning. The police accused me of murder which they were determined to charge me for. This murder that they accused me of was proved to be false due to the fact that I was at the Costa Rican embassy on the date that they say the person was killed on. It's not the first time I've been targeted wrongfully by the authorities. Yes, I have found myself in a situation where I've been charged with scamming which is currently in front the court but that I can assure you that I'm innocent and hopefully the law will give me justice.

I Leroy Russell a law abiding citizen of Jamaica working with members of the security forces and the pay mile at the highest level, have been segregated with the mindset by the authorities to have the people thinking that I'm involved in murder, scamming and who knows what other elicit activities which is and have been damaging to my career, my family and my future. I must admit that due to my public and personal lifestyle of being a loving and warm person coming from a humble beginning and have love for the unfortunate and individual of all walks of life have come to haunt me. I have and I can see where I may have been taken advantage of. This I take full responsibility for because I'm only a human being. Reflecting on my life, I've always conducted myself in a law abiding manner. I have appointments to meet with a human rights organization and the pay mile.

I view myself as a great asset to Jamaica who have been shown and received love of people of all walks of life on the island so I am surprise that the police's statement saying that I'm marked for death when all I've got traveling on the island is love. It is so shocking that when my family and I discuss the issue the idea of us migrating came to mind ss I need to live in peace, as I'm misunderstood by the genre of my music, 'gothic dancehall', a new genre I introduced to Jamaica which is accepted globally. Due to the sensitive activity taking place in the Montego Bay area knowing it must come to an end as it make it difficult for the police to maintain law and order. This issue which the authority is depicting Tommy Lee as the problem is ridiculous and right now my lawyer is handling it at this moment. I welcome a meeting with the authorities with my lawyer present as I need my life back, as I need the tarnishing of my character to stop. Thanks for listening.