Tommy Lee Sparta - Sik Inna Mi Head - Majah Label Music Group

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Tommy Lee Sparta performs "Sik Inna Mi Head", single produced by Majah Label Music Group.

Tommy Lee Sparta - Sik Inna Mi Head (Lyrics)

Sik inna mi head, none a dem mi nuh fraid a
Dem nuh big, bad and brave
Dem bwoy deh a made up
Mi know... the wul a dem a try bad

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh need no friend fi buss mi gun
Mi Screechy pass the pastor go f*k the nun
It's like a nightmare Freddy just began
Dis consent pass, trust mi now
Flanker mi nuh buss baby gun
Mi buss the God a come dem think a God a come
To step to we yuh haffi bring the army come
With nuff extra clip to...

Dem a the least caw bwoy face pop off
Whem mi pop off mi grip
The lippings cut off when dem see Gaza clique
Pharoah step out bwoy face haffi part
Mi mean inna half with the nuttn naw stick

Sparta... sick and psychotic
People run up inna the big black matic
Dead people deh round mi smell spirit