Tommy Lee Sparta - Outlaw (Official Music Video)

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Tommy Lee Sparta brings the apocalypse in new diss track dubbed "Outlaw" produced by Dinearo of UIM Records. The track is supposedly aimed at fellow artists Alkaline and Gage. This dark release from the Sparta camp is getting a lot of buzz on YouTube with fans claiming that 'the uncle demon has risen again'. Video directed by Wayne South, video edited by WSM. Visual content Owned by Guzu Musiq.

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Tommy Lee Sparta - Outlaw (Lyrics Snippet)

One bag a chatting, terrorist
My finger no hitch
When me a aim and squeeze mi no miss

A wah do dem bwoy deh
Dem a get pon mi nerves

Dem a tempt me fi rise everything like the dead a Dovecot
A Flanker me grow pu$$y better pree dat
And anybody feel me a f*cking idiot
One inna yuh head mek your marrow pree dat

Tru me a dwell inna di tomb underneath the radar
Apocalypse now when we dropping this bomb
Sparta no forget weh dem a come from
Talk to wi rise up a bag a eagle

Tun up mi bomboclaat voice enuh
Nah have no compassion like a Christ enuh
Dawg flee when mi fire black lice enuh
Thunder roll out red carpet enuh
Mi gun pop off nine o'clock strike enuh
Call dat a lost soul cah dem cya find yuh