Tommy Lee Sparta - Numb (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Tommy Lee Sparta performing "Numb", produced by Majah Label Music Group. Video directed by Anthony Godio, edited by Tristan Celle.

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Tommy Lee Sparta - Numb (Lyrics)

Where is the dealer, where is the kush man
Where is the rizla, where is the light
I know they right here, man I can see them
Thats the only reason why my heart is numb
My heart is numb, my heart is numb
My heart is numb, my heart is numb

Me get high off a di skunk, Skunk, skunk, skunk
Me get high aff a di skunk, Skunk, skunk, skunk
Skunk, Skunk, skunk, skunk, skunk, Skunk, skunk, skunk

(Verse 1)
Met a bird, met a plane, I'm traveling
I'm the star, someone's star, astronomy
I look down I see Jesus in Galilee
As I walk in the moon in my wallabee
The earth and the planets mad at me
This taste in you float to the gravity
It alone give me sanity
Never see no weed so sweet it give cavity

Nuh smoke cigarette throw away the whole pack
Grabba inna mi weed weh mi roll hot
A play inna brain like a joke track
Lookking at it
(thinking I shouldn't go back, go back, go back)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me a cry fi di weed, Me cyah find it
Dat alone can make me eyes dem fava chiney
Me seg weh di weed man deh, ask him why pree
Every puff mi puff it make me sing a high key

Inhale officer caw me naw lock it off
Weed me a smoke it alone make me (cough)
Mek me blast to the star and the Martians from Mars
Spitting bars after bars high grade no cigar

(Repeat Chorus)

Hmmm, High grade it make me hold the faith
It make me meditate
High grade it make me meditate
It make me hold the faith
Hmmmm hmmmmmm

Mi high, mi high, high, high
High, high, high, high

(Repeat Hook)