Tommy Lee Sparta - Lucifer (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Tommy Lee Sparta performing "Lucifer" off the 'Bad Water Riddim' produced by Kadeem for UIM Records. Video directed by Wayne South and Tommy Lee Sparta.

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Tommy Lee Sparta - Lucifer (Lyrics Snippet)

Scream and cry to yuh savior
Crawl and run to yuh God
Nothing in this world could save yuh
Tonight yuh a dead like dog
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Like a wild pit-bull, mi bullet dem rush
Shot hit yuh inna yuh face till yuh f*king skull crush
Any bwoy feel dem cyah get touch

(Verse 1)
Somebody haffi get bloodclaat kuff
Bwoy disappear like poof
Head open like sun roof
Mi bad without a bomboclaat proof
Mi thugs dem march out in a legion
This worser than bomboclaat demon
Pray God nuh send mi go tek over hell and murder bomboclaat Satan
Little bwoy brimstone fire just a run outta di nozzle like Dinearo car tire

Landmine if yuh put a foot
Bomb a wave, shock up the city just like a Pikachu
Yuh fi know seh, mi nuh lef di hurr up in here
Mi seh any funny move, mi a brrr up in here
Mother f*ker mi nuh haffi have mi crew up in here
Watch it mek mi show di pu$$y dem a who run in here