Tommy Lee Sparta - Hero - UIM Records / Guzu Musiq

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Tommy Lee Sparta - Hero - Produced by UIM Records / Guzu Musiq

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Tommy Lee Sparta - Hero (Lyrics Snippet)

I'm a champion, I'm a hero
I'm gonna ride til my time hit zero
I'm a hustler, I'm a gangster
I'm every f*king thing they told yuh
Or maybe I'm a knock-off, maybe I'm just a fraud
Maybe I ain't go never see the f*king face of God
Maybe I ain't no Spartan, maybe I ain't no king
But one thing i'ma tell you I was f*king born to win

(Verse 1)
Bad from mi head to mi toe
Ever ready fi di war anywhere yuh know
Any bwoy step to the dark a go lay down pon the floor
Like a jungle lion mi mek me gun roar

Mi nuh tek dis, mi nuh tek chat
Mi nuh tek crap, mi nuh tek dis, mi nuh tek box
Any bwoy try diss a go drop
Buss one straight inna him f*king head back