Tommy Lee Sparta - Grinding - Guzu Musiq

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Tommy Lee Sparta "Grinding" hard in his latest Guzu Musiq produced track.

Tommy Lee Sparta - Grinding (Lyrics Snippet)

Mi got that 20/20 vision mi a see so clear
I can see these haters from a mile away
But I'm grinding, got no time for you [email protected]
I'm grinding, hmmmm

But warn some pu$$y still and let them know
nuh tek mi fi no clown
Got themselves staring down
In the the barrel a mi gun
Got my hand pon my nine and my finger pon mi trigger
Let them know mi nuh hesitate fi k!ll a f*king [email protected]

Mi nuh too talk badness, that mi nuh preach
Any bwoy violate gun shot a reach
Prrddd dem song with lyrics and speech
Mi nuh too like talk but mi gun dem speak

Dem seh mi fall off but mi nuh know
Still a do mi show, still a shoot mi video
They say I sold my soul, I'm like who told you
They say f*k you to my face, i'm like f*k you too
I'm grinding, got no time for you [email protected] I'm grinding