Tommy Lee Sparta - Crow (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Tommy Lee Sparta performing "Crow" off the 'Dark Age Riddim'. Producers are Leroy Russell, Keona Williams and Junior Fraser. Composers are Leroy Russell and Jahvis Crushroad. Video directed by Wayne South and edited by WSM. Visual content owned by Guzu Musiq. This dark track from the Spartan camp was supposedly aimed at Alkaline.

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Tommy Lee Sparta - Crow (Lyrics Snippet)

Hear di crows dem a cry
Dat mean seh dem ready fi feast
And people ready fi die
When an enemy rise, a any weh yuh wi lie

Mi a open up mi yeye, mi a open up mi yeye
Mi a open up mi yeye, mi a open up mi yeye
Mi rather kill a bwoy than mi bredda kill a bwoy

Mi nuh join stab inna back
Crab inna barrel cya gimmi nuh chat
And anybody feel Tommy Lee a go flop
Drop it out a yuh mind like a bomb a Iraq
Hmm, 2015 study mi act
Hmm, no ... nuh inna dat
Wi a put all crab inna pot
Wah Judas do to Jesus, never see dat

Every Spartan fans mek mi hear Sparta (Sparta)
We run eh place like water
We study war like author
And nuh gyal cya offer wi brawta
Noo.. gun wi nuh short ah
F*ck round wi yuh get slaughter
Every real Spartan dem a real bad man
Some bwoy dem a big ....