Tommy Lee Sparta - Bad Like We - Kadeem UIM

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New warning track from Tommy Lee Sparta titled "Bad Like We" aimed at the 'Problem Child' Alkaline telling him to fix his argument. The two artists were interviewed recently on OnStage TV (different dates), with both of them claiming to be the baddest in dancehall. Song is produced by Kadeem of UIM Records.

Tommy Lee Sparta - Bad Like We (Lyrics Snippet)

Mi a buss it up from nineteen o' long
A wah do some bwoy a call mi name inna song
But anybody wah mek BBC
See mi pon di street and confront me

You a mad somebody
Oh oh ba badness a mi hobby
Oh oh hmmmmm
A wah do some bwoy, dem nuh bad like wi none a tall

A nuh daycare center we a run pon di scheme
We lef bone white like bleaching cream
So all who a flip up like mi laptop screen
One inna yuh head mek yuh madda start scream

Jamaica we born, we nuh promote fillet
Nuh bother loose yuh meds true what di people dem say
Alkaline mi know yuh is a good deejay
But please mi a beg yuh fix dem argument deh