Tommy Lee Crying On Tape, Following Threats From Vybz Kartel Regarding Money?

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Audio footage of what many are claiming to be of Tommy Lee Crying has been creating a lot of buzz online and social media. The alleged conversation was between Tommy Lee and a member of So Unique Records.

The following excerpt was taken from the audio where the person believed to be Tommy Lee was discussing an incident where someone named "Slim" was sent to rough him up over money.
"Him a say everything good and me go back around him and he fired a shot in my head back, him make Slim buss a shot in a me head back dog," Tommy Lee said.

In the next excerpt, the person believed to be Tommy Lee can be heard vowing to leave the music business if this is the type of treatment that he will have to put up with.
"I don't business with music and fame dog, I only want to know I can grow my youth [Kids] and feel good you know So Unique," Tommy Lee said. "Mi not running down any fame or make any man feel they can style me or feel like they can tell me anything they want to tell me."

Listen the full audio clip and tell us what you think:

Another video surfaced online where 'Elvis Redwood' of So Unique Records dismissed having the alleged conversation with Tommy Lee, claiming that the audio was spliced.

Listen to what Elvis had to say: