Tóke - Too Much (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Tóke performing "Too Much", produced by Multe Schamony Agency & Boomrush Productions. Video filmed and edited by Ring-A-Ting, artwork by Rawsta Design and photography by Matthew Henry.

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Tóke - Too Much (Lyrics)

Mi could a never get too much
Music a run through mi body, true blood
This a the air that I breathe
The inhaler through lungs
Yes this a mi true love yeah
Mi could a never get enough

(Verse 1)
Mi seh nuff people ask me what a gwaan
But nuff a dem nuh see seh mi always party round
Mi always deh yah pon the road fi mek this music thing grow
This yah a mi mission, a mi direction fi go
Determination and motivation, mi a consider necessities
.... lacking perseverance a mi only enemy
Obstacles dem send fi mi but mi turn dem into energy
Put the faith inna mi strength, the only entity defending me

Yow powerful motivation just a burst out of me
Mi cyah sleep at night without writing another song of melody
Mi wake up early a morning caw mi full a energy
Then only music can set me free