T.O.K - Guide We (Official Music Video)

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Music video by T.O.K performing "Guide We" off the 'Nuh Fraid Riddim' produced by Jah Snowcone Entertainment, video directed by Simeon 'Di' Great.

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T.O.K - Guide We (Lyrics Snippet)

We done see seh dem no like we, like we
All when dem a hype we, hype we
Father God a guide we, guide we
Tell the fassy dem avoid we, avoid we

A nuff a dem seh that dem a yuh friend but dem a wagonist
Smile up inna yuh face but then wi know seh dem a walawist
Antagonist, mi know seh dem wah fi colla this
The amount a thing wi do fi dem dem bwoy deh should a honor this
No noise, yo cyaa touch mi cannabis
16 candles mine yuh get one a this
When mi do the mats inna the badmind analysis
Mi haffi honor this