Teflon - Talk Dem A Talk (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Teflon performing "Talk Dem A Talk" produced by Jay Crazie Records & Yard A Love Music. Video directed by Icey Jace Film Factory.

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Teflon - Talk Dem A Talk (Lyrics Snippet)

Father god a fimi weapon, weapon
Yard A Love run di streets
Dem mek a step think mi a eagle
Di all a dem get defeat

Talk dem a talk, when a dweet man a dweet
Shell the road when mi walk, when mi can't even speak
Granspen mi response for, nuh wait dem mad ansa
Dem rate man a Canter, rate man a Flankers

(Verse 1)
Yuh no see dem, yuh see a duppy dem
Hey dem a tuff up dem face when a puppy dem
Glendevon a mi place with mi thuggy dem
Plainlan, Hundred Lande man have nuff fi dem
Nuttn but the volcano mi a give dem
Lyrics from the cranium mi have fi dem
Dem mussi think mi a one a the shave up natty dem
Mi bad like Shane and Tacky dem