Teflon - Run Di Place (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Teflon performing "Run Di Place" produced by Yard A Love Records. Video directed by Ramon Lindsay.

Teflon - Run Di Place (Lyrics Snippet)

The people tired fi see dem a mi di fans dem a ask fah
Lef it give dem and dem let it get fracture
Dutty badmind a ask weh mi come back fah
Tell dem seh a di music mi come back fah
Who mi hear tek nine box dem a actor
Tell dem nuh play round, nuh ramp wid no rasta
A nuh sweet corn we have up inna dem socks yah
Link rocka p mek him line up a box ah
Tek bwoy place and dem cyah come back fah
B-13 cyah run inna a track ah
Fi tek mi space dat dem bwoy deh a plot fah

See mi inna mi jeans a dat the girls dem a flock fah
Dem weak like dem ketch the gunya tell dem go doctor
Mi lock it like padlock, or matlock, head that hot
Foot pon the gas weh dem go mek mi touch the NOS fah
Lengths man a gi dem, weh some bwoy a relax fah
Mi glad mi come back fi the music mi a di rapture
All now dancehall nuh have a big sponsor
Fi rise up the thing well a that mi response fah
2014 some artiste thing anchor

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