Teflon - I Will Rise - Down To Earth Records

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New track from Teflon titled "I Will Rise" off the 'Top Floor Riddim' produced by Down To Earth Records and digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos.

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Teflon - I Will Rise (Lyrics Snippet)

Dem never think mi would a come to nothing
Mi seh music dem think a bluff mi bluffing
Team Teflon yard a love yuh know how long we knocking
Who seh dem up a di top mi see dem slowly dropping

Dem a stress out dem brain when a fun we having
Full up the duffel bag a money yeah a that wi stocking
When we party a Hennessy, Moet popping
Kay a weh mi youths dem shopping

All you haters how you feel
Fight so hard but now am still
Grinding hard I'm sitting on couple mills
Dem want it all and we nuh suppose to live

(Verse 1)
Sidung pon dem
Free call and a text late
Sidung pon mi name and a stress straight
While mi money inna the bank a grow interest rate
And mi smoking on the best from West straight
From the ghetto right up to the estate
Now rose gold a swing pon mi chest plate
Mi done wid padlock now a button press gate

Hey mi success that mash up dem head space
Yuh cya see dem heart but you see dem dove face
Mi never see none a dem inna fimi tough base
Me dem call pon inna dem rough days
Tell dem walking or driving truck face