Teflon - Donkey Lense - Down To Earth Records

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Teflon takes the lead with "Donkey Lense", produced by Down To Earth Records. This track is supposedly a diss track aimed at fellow artistes Alkaline, I Octane, Tommy Lee and Gage.

Teflon - Donkey Lense (Lyrics Snippet)

See dem a flip but mi give them donkey lense
Look in mi nozzle yuh see your brain pon the fence
Ready mi ready dem haffi pay consequence
Yuh sell yuh soul just fi gain fancy benz

Anything mi seh mi a go dweet and done
Dread... a you use teeth and tongue
Ritual yuh use just fi keep man down
You a go need protection and mi no mean condom
No bwoy cyah mek mi leave Jamdown
Even the fittest of the fittest man beat dat down
Yuh a no athlete stop run
Dem fraid a mi...

Yeah mi hear dem a chat up, hear dem a chat up
Dem a go dung inna throat when gyal fi get c*k up
Which artiste mi hear producer bad up
Buy visa and go a foreign get lock up
Me dem cyah bad up the wul place mi mad up
Dem naw buss no artiste dem cyah stand up
Cyah stop mi mi down to earth
Mi tire skid gone down to dirt
Lef bare dust...