Teflon - Blame Game (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Teflon performing "Blame Game" off the 'Travellers Riddim' produced by Larger Than Life Records.

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Teflon - Blame Game (Lyrics)

Yuh seh yuh know seh we did a go leave
And yuh never put the blame pon yuh
Now is the opposite of which we see
So mi haffi put the blame pon yuh
Now there is a chant for which we sleep
Yuh no know a who fa that is a shame pon yuh
Somebody wake me from out mi sleep

while you were blaming you were playing
The same game I was
Say that you rate me but baby
That's only words

While you were blaming you were playing
Trying to frustrate me but baby
That just won't work

(Verse 1)
I was the one who getting cuss about the phone calls
And the messages in my email
And you were the one out their mi see who fit fi run mi down
Mi never know a me she would feel
And all mi other girl dem out a road mi mad fi cut dem off
Caw mi think she did a the realest
But what mi hear from wah day yah really bruck mi heart
Mi cyah believe it

(Verse 2)
Yuh give mi a bad beating weh mi next gyal a laugh bout
Me she a pree from the day mi walk out
She waan give mi the son mi a talk bout
LOL but duh nuh laugh out
Like really, girl mi feel it
A me tek bwoy gyal and breed it
I never know the day that come I would come back and beat me