Teddy Bruckshut And Ninja Man For Upcoming Movie Titled "Scotch Bonnet"

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Dancehall artiste Ninja Man is gearing up to take on another acting role, this time alongside iconic Jamaican actor Leonard 'Louie Rankin' Ford, popularly known as Teddy Bruckshut. The movie is called Scotch Bonnet and will see both actors taking on the not-unusual gangster roles. This time around, the two are on a quest to figure out who is the 'harder' gangster, as they play rival 'dons' in inner-city communities.

Teddy Bruckshut has achieved recognition as an actor through commanding appearances in internationally renowned movies such as Shottas and Belly, while Ninja Man has made a name for himself as an actor with appearances in Gangster's Paradise and Rude Boy: The Jamaican Don.

Teddy Bruckshut was a popular dancehall artiste in the 1980s, gaining international attention for his dancehall single Typewriter. However, he later directed most of his attention to his acting career during the late '90s following the success of Shottas. Ninja Man, on the other hand, despite making several acting cameos in movies and music videos stuck with the latter and developed a reputation as a dancehall clash giant, predominantly because of his lyrical exploits at Sting.

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