Tarrus Riley & Zagga - Free Up (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Tarrus Riley and Zagga performing "Free Up" off the 'Happy Hour Riddim' produced by Chimney Records.

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Tarrus Riley & Zagga - Free Up (Lyrics Snippet)

We don't give trouble, we give thanks
Tun up the music caw we no response
Music a play from cross the distance

Free up, be yuh self
Do your own thing, be your own king youth
Free up, be yuh self
No follow haters dem cyaa stop you
Free up, be yuh self
Give dem yuh shoes still cyah walk like you
Way up, up wi deh
No bad mind cyah hold wi down

(Verse 1)
Suh when mi jump out a bed
Face brush, teeth wash
Half pound a greens inna my calabash
Sunlight a peep through the window crack
A beautiful day so mi a go peep back

Well I've got life, and things nice
Step in the street am greeted with smiles
There's no time for bad vibes... no
So meck wi rock to the bass line and

(Verse 2)
While yuh sidung and yuh cussing
Have you ever count yuh blessings
Mi nuh see dem do that none at all enuh
And while yuh deh deh criticizing
Have you ever learn a lesson
Hear wah, Dem head tough like a wall enuh

And mi couldn't follow people, cho got to be me
Hey Chimney mi family tell dem fi follow we
Mi bredda Tarrus Riley him a rep BSMG
And we come fi lock the whole country
Suh when yuh see we yuh fi