Tarrus Riley - Herbs (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Tarrus Riley performing "Herbs" off the 'Intoxxicated Riddim' produced by Troyton Music. Video directed by RD Studios.

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Tarrus Riley - Herbs (Lyrics)

More time it frustrating
How you deal wid the grades is degrading
And we nuh intoxicated no

Just true a spliff tail
You waan lock we inna jail
But when it legalize
Will yuh charge disappear
7 days or a fine
But the evidence couldn't find
Now you waan mi spend the time or pay the fine
And mi waan you fi gimmi back mine

Gimmi my herbs
My skunk, my lambsbread
My sensimilla, my herbs
This a tripple og cush, sour diesel
Mi need you, my herbs
Peppermint leaf of life my cearase bitters
A my herbs, unuh gimmi back my herbs

Pon every level mi defending it
Yuh want the knowledge, mi we lend you it
If you believe inna medicine
This yah plant full a nuff health benefits
Alright then, if you reading yout bible
Look good you we seet inna Genesis
Babylon and the plants dem a nemesis
But me and the herbs a nuh enemies

Gimmi my herbs
My leaf of life, my aloe vera, my herbs
My skunk, my lambsbread
My sensimilla, my herbs
This yah canabis it never miss
Guaranteed to please yuh
My herbs, medina

Just true the indeka
The system wan kill we off
But when it legalize
A we ago have the last laugh
Farmer man gwan plant
Till the green grass
Yuh know it haffi go a market
And it must sell off