Tarrus Riley - Greatest Creation (Official Music Video)

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Music Video by Tarrus Riley performing "Greatest Creation" off the 'Greatest Creation Riddim" produced by Shane C Brown / Juke Boxx Productions. Video directed by RD Studios.

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Tarrus Riley - Greatest Creation (Lyrics Snippet)

Well out of the fruit trees, the birds and the bees
One thing Jah made special fi we
Whether herbs fi wi nerves, vegetables to eat
One thing just fi me

Woman dem a the greatest creation
Greatest creation
Woman you a the greatest creation
Mi nah disrespect dem no

Mi have a queen from up a Papine
Thick like a dasheen
When time yuh nah si mi, deh so mi lock in
Cherry from August Town a tell mi love lock in
Bev from Sea Fort a feed pon caffeine
Who a carry feelings, Cathrine from St. Catherine
Seh she a go vex any how mi link Kathleen
Jump inna mi vehicle yow mi gashing and mi dashing
Go over Portmore fi the splishing and splashing
Stop over Mona quick, link up Sonia fast
Gone a road cause mi no inna no chatting
Hope no deh a Hope Road, good i'm not stopping
Shat up the Boulevard fast, man haffi stop in