Tarrus Riley - Burning Desire (Official Music Video)

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Music Video by Tarrus Riley perfoming "Burning Desire" off the album 'Love Situation' produced by Cannon / Jukeboxx / BSMG Productions / Zojak World Wide. Video directed by IDStudios.

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Tarrus Riley - Burning Desire (Lyrics Snippet)

Loving you is sweeter
Than ice cream on a honeycomb

I'm waking up to your love
Yuh fill me up
Yuh give me vibes and I build you up
I sip a cup, eyes open up
And I've got the strength so I can face the world (baby)
See your touch, I need it much
Something extra special to pick me up
If loving you was wrong better dem lock me up
Cause I can't do without my baby

Burn yuh in the morning
Burn yuh in the evening
Burn yuh, burn yuh, burn yuh
Burn yuh baby