Tanso & Nicko Blast - Evil Story - Zack Ariyah Productions

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Tanso and Nicko Blast brings you "Evil Story", song produced by Zack Ariyah Productions.

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Tanso & Nicko Blast - Evil Story (Lyrics Snippet)

Disguise inna wig wid the Zig everything a cut
Shot a fly through tripe bwoy liver cut
Dem know mi nuh care mi nuh walk wid fear
Bring yuh gyal pu$$Y come fimi give a f*ck

Tanso ask dem a weh dem feel
Wah diss we, really
Silent four five kill discretely
AK rise like dirt bike wheelie
360 how hot steel be

FN matic mi beat and re-searchable
Bwoy head tek off clean convertible
Yuh seh yuh bad a pon bloodclaat nerd level
Dash weh yuh body inna place and...