Tanso - Money Haffi Mek - Zack Ariyah Productions

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New track from Tanso "Money Haffi Mek" produced by Zack Ariyah Productions.

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Tanso - Money Haffi Mek (Lyrics Snippet)

Before mi coffin mek
Money mi haffi mek
Mi wah mi money reel long like a baphomet
And every gyal mi [email protected] get fi live immaculate
Yuh smell di Gucci a kick and haffi stop yuh breath

Money better than a glock inna yuh palm
When di cash inna yuh hand
Champagne fi a pop, liquor splashing haffi gwaan
Fi mek money dat a fi mi religion
But fi mi fi get the money mi wi never touch a man

Cause eyes pon di prize mi a aim fi di money
Nah dead poor and mi nah dead bummy
Tired fi pay one bill inna sunny
And mi dream fi elevation fi mi mommy
So mi work like bees inna hive fi di honey
No time fi pose wid nuh ting pon mi tummy
Try stop mi food mi away life funny
Anywhere yuh see mi face better worry