Supa Squad - One Love (Official Music Video)

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After "Jah Jah Bless Me", "One Love" is the new single from Supa Squad (Mr. Marley and Zacky Man), and is adding a modern flavor to the Portuguese musical culture.

The duo produced a new single mostly dedicated to the feeling which mirrors the complicity between two people involved at the beginning of a relationship.

The video was posted on the 18th of June exclusively on the social network - Facebook, the song has a strong emotional content, "a stimulus to love," not leaving yet, the new single, to be less vibrant and danceable than the previous ones. Music video was directed and produced by Smooth Operators.

"One Love" is the second single from the EP breakthrough yet in production, to be released by the end of the year.

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Supa Squad - One Love (Lyrics)

Yes I
Me done tell you this girl
A you a rock my world

(Verse 1)
Gyal me see you everyday and my only desire is to make you mine
Blessed was the day when you stepped inna me way so me think about you all the time
Cause your spirit it amaze me, me love how you caress me and make me feelings multiply
Only you me want fi please so me go down pon me knees and a beg you come make we try it

Gyal me have seen nuff a dem inna me life, only you a rock my world
Cause you alone girl make me feel so alive, me tell you seh you're a pearl
You fi bless me with your beauty, caress me baby hold me, cause I wanna be a part of you
So me give you all I've got cause me love you girl a lot and you know that my love is true.

One Love, One Love
That's what you and I should be
One Love, One Love
Come and give a little smile for me

I beg you to love me
Cause I need you everyday, girl
Why do you never stay?

(Verse 2)
All night long, all night long I dream to hold you in my arms
To squeeze you tight and look at your smile
Until me cannot resist your charms
Girl how you make me feel, seh this feeling is so real
A you alone me want inna me life
So please, come close the deal
Cause this is my will
I want to be by your side (be by your side girl)


(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
You done know already girl a you fi come along
We shoulda stay together like me sing inna the song
It all depends on you cause me feelings them no wrong
Gyal fi you me seh me fyah it a burn
It a no funny thing
Me want fi make you feel good, me want fi make you sing
You know me love the good nuff vibes weh you bring girl...

(Repeat Chorus)