Stylysh - Calma - Building Block Entertainment 1

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Stylysh sings you're my "Calma" in her latest single produced by Building Block Entertainment 1.

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Stylysh - Calma (Lyrics)

Yuh life full a drama
You're my calma
That's why mi naw lef da bwoy deh

Mi shield and mi armor
Yuh make mi stronger
That's why mi naw lef da bwoy deh

(Verse 1)
Jah know star, more time mi feel like
You a the devil inna disguise
Yuh nuh God but inna mi yuh bring life
Inna darkness, yuh a the real light
King fi the bees hive

Mi feel like fi lef him
Tired a the heart ache and stressing
Well Carrie seh if a she
She wait till him a sleep
Use hot oil and deaf him

Weh dis start fah, yuh waan lef me inna plaster
One minute mi love yuh, next minuter a disaster
Cut the bullsh!t mi cyah tek no drama
Love yuh till mi hate yuh let's f*k and mek up after