Stein - War Get Serious (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Stein performing "War Get Serious" which is a diss track aimed at Popcaan. Presented by N.P.R.G, Video directed by Spitfiyah.

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Stein - War Get Serious (Lyrics Snippet)

Naw have mi gun and mi naw buss that
Naw have mi gun and mi naw buss that
Bwoy haffi dead lay down inna Dovecot
Rifle a knock off

(Verse 1)
Bad man a bad man
Dem bwoy deh no bad dem a rodman
Don't mek mi see yuh wid mi gun inna mi hand
Pam, pam, inna bwoy head shot a slam
Pu$$y Popcaan mi no tek violation
No left the tool weh the fire spray from
So none a dem bwoy deh cyah diss mi
Buss gunshot bwoy head a roast like bacon

The war a tun up like radio
How him a move like gay so
Yuh shouldn't mek obeah man bathe yuh
Pu$$Y yuh no bad, we know yuh a fag
Now the war get serious
Yuh violate so the war get serious
Bwoy a act like him evilous
And go a foreign go mek man feel him up