Spice - So Mi Like It - [Official Music Video]

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Music video by Spice performing "So Mi Like It" off the 'Boom Box Riddim' produced by Notnice Records.

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Spice - So Mi Like It (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Go down and a whine and a bubble and
Batty jaw just a jump, this a trouble and
Mi and a man just a couple and a cuddle
Bum pon the buddy head and mi we buss it like a bubble
And skin out mi pum pum
Pon the buddy mi a whine and a bum bum
Bum, bum, bum, bum, a go bum, bum
Have mi batty just a jump and a bum-bu-bum-bu-bum

Whine pon the buddy and a sidung pon the beat
Pum pum so tight so mi man naw fi cheat
Phone tek a picture yeh a that you fi tweet
Tell them gyal dem whine yah dem cyah even complete
Mi a bum it and a kotch it, pon the beat mi just a drop it
How mi twerk it and a slop it pon the ground like mi a mop it
How mi stuck it and a pop it and a whine it and a lap it
Take a picture you fi snap it Facebook it but crap it

Yes a so mi like it
Bring yuh buddy come yah mek mi ride it
Ride it like a bike it
C*K up and a sidung and a whine it