Spice - Needle Eye (Official Video)

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Music video by Spice performing "Needle Eye" off the 'Boof Baff Riddim' produced by Brixton Music Group. Video edited by Xtreme Arts & Spice.

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Spice - Needle Eye (Lyrics)

The needle eye pum pum
The needle eye pum pum
Tight and good, mi hole tight and good

(Verse 1)
Big it up, look how mi back it up
Mi [email protected] it up, mi rock it up
Look how mi kotch and a sit up
Round a back mi lift it up
Like is a car a get jack up
And mek yuh [email protected] a get up
Like a balloon a pump up

Lady inna the street but mi a b!tch inna the bed
Whine up mi body dem a call mi sick head
If mi hold yuh you a go dead, mi a [email protected] tegereg
Boom it and a bubble and a roll it like a thread

Caw a so mi gwaan when mi deh pon yuh man
So mi sidung and just a boom pon the john
Whine pon the buddy and mi tan pon it long
Pon it, pon it, pon it, pon it

(Verse 2)
Pon the side, kotch pon the side
Kotch pon it, kotch pon it, kotch pon the side
Have mi hand pon mi knee and just a kotch pon the side
Kotch pon it, kotch pon it, kotch pon the side

Dip and a go down look how mi whine and a sidung
Mi carry it up and bring it down
A pon the side mi a sidung
Mi pu$$y tight it naw fi bum
Mi just a kotch and a sidung
And a go down and have mi batty bum, bum, up & down

Position, whine up mi body and [email protected] up mi bottom
Nuff gyal a hype and she cyah hold the man
Gyal see the wine yah weh get the house and the van
A so mi crawl pon mi hand

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)